Cyclehack Guidelines

CycleHack is a global movement on a mission to make the world more sustainable through reducing the barriers to cycling. By taking a grassroots approach to innovation we are tooling up citizens to take a pro-active, DIY approach to making cycling easier, more fun, and accessible.

The Cyclehack guidelines are quite restrictive and a coherence to the motherbrand is required.

The rounded shape is essential, and also including the superior information and elements: the bike, the date and the description.

Then a symbol that identifies the city where the Cyclehack is about to be is need to be included or integrated.

Cyclehack Gijón

Gijón has some many characteristic sights, and one of my favorites is the Chillida‘s sculpture: Elogio del horizonte (which means something like Praise the horizon) and it is a calmly place in the coast, ahead  of the city noise, where if you stay in a determined place, you will hear the sea like if you were in the breaking of the waves.

The Elogio is very well known by tourists and people from outside Gijón. A lot of people ride their bikes to the Cerro de Santa Catalina, which is the name of the park where the Elogio is situated.

So from one side, I have the hack of making a piece of concrete sound like the sea, and on the other the bikes place of reunion. Seems perfect for a Cyclehack symbol!