Blogging again!

I really miss the blog I had with my colleagues from the university, so I will start again with my own posts. My plan is to follow a clear structure where the content is part of the following categories:

  • Side projects / Contributions /Collaborations 
    Basically small projects that are not big enough for a portfolio page, but quite remarkable to let them have the minute of fame.
  • Sketchbook pages
    Some of my sketchbook doodles (mainly the ones that are not task lists) are quite nice 🙂
  • News in the graphic design scenario
    Maybe some highlights from the graphic world
  • Diary
    Events I attend, workshops, stuff that I find, people I meet, books I buy, etc.

It will grow and I will need new ones for sure as it grows up, but by now, that’s all folks! Enjoy!